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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to create an account to rent?
    No account, no problem! Dive right into our stylish collection and start your fashion journey with ease. We're all about making fashion fun and hassle-free for everyone.
  • Do I have to be a resident in Dubai to enjoy your collection?
    Whether you're a local fashionista or a visitor looking for a chic look during your stay, our wardrobe is open to you. Explore, select, and strut in style with Rentiate.
  • Do you offer exclusive collections for different themes?
    Absolutely! Our themed collections are curated to celebrate every style and occasion. Just choose your event, find your fit, and flaunt it.
  • How can I pick the size that will go with my figure best?
    Finding your perfect size is easy with our size chart "here." Plus, order a backup size with each item, just to be sure that perfect fit is yours!
  • Can I schedule the delivery and pick-up times to suit my day?
    Schedule your fashion delivery and pick-up at your convenience! Simply select a time slot while ordering, and we'll make sure your style arrives and departs just when you need it.
  • How long can I keep my fabulous finds, and what's the longest rental period?
    Your first experience with your rental can range from 3 to 7 days! Want more time with your fabulous finds? Just let us know, and we'll extend your style session as you wish!
  • Will you deliver to any place I want, like my home, office, or even a hotel?
    Wherever you are in Dubai, your fashion fix is just a click away. We deliver to homes, offices, hotels – you name it, ensuring your style arrives right where you want it.
  • What if I need my order to be collected from a different location?
    Different return address? No problem! Just specify your collection location during checkout, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring hassle-free returns for your fashionable adventures.
  • Wait, I have a discount code, how can I get it?
    Got a discount code? Fabulous! You should enter it at checkout to make your stylish savings. Enjoy your chic, budget-friendly fashion journey with us!
  • What's this 'security deposit' about?
    Our security deposit, just 45% of your rental price, is our little safety net. Fully refundable, it's only charged for items returned in an unusable condition, keeping Rentiate fabulous for everyone.
  • How should I pay?
    We keep it simple and secure with card payments. Quick, easy, and safe, so you can focus on what really matters – your stunning style.
  • What should I expect after placing my order?
    Once you've placed your order, an email confirmation is on its way to you. Expect a friendly call before your chosen delivery time to ensure everything goes smoothly. Your stylish journey is just beginning!
  • Can I adjust my order if I change my mind?
    Changed your mind? Whether it's tweaking delivery times, adjusting your order, or even a cancellation, just reach out to us within few hours upon placing your order. We're here to make your Rentiate experience perfect.
  • What if my order doesn't arrive in time for my special event?
    In the rare event your order is delayed, we recommend ordering a day in advance of your event for peace of mind. We strive for perfection, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen. Your style satisfaction is our priority!
  • How do you ensure my dress arrives in pristine condition?
    Rest assured, each garment arrives in impeccable condition. Our expert laundry partners use eco-friendly practices for flawless cleaning, ensuring your fashion choices are both stunning and sustainable.
  • Can I try on my order right away and return if it doesn't fit?
    Absolutely! At checkout, just tick 'I'd love to try on delivery!' You pay first, but if you decide to return any items in few hours upon the delivery, just let us know and we’ll refund, retaining only a 50 AED fee. We’re all about making your Rentiate experience fabulous and fitting!
  • I am in a rush - can I keep the back up size with me to try later?
    Of course! We always leave the back-up size with you to try at your leisure, free of charge. A refundable deposit is all we require. Enjoy finding your perfect fit with ease!
  • Is it possible to keep my rental a bit longer?
    Falling for your rental? Extend your style rendezvous easily! Just contact us, and we'll swiftly arrange an extension for your fashion affair based on availability, making every moment count.
  • Will there be charges if my rental item is accidentally damaged?
    Minor oopsies happen! For small damages, we've got you covered up to 15% of the rental price. But, for those bigger mishaps, we may use the security deposit. We believe in fair and transparent solutions.
  • Help! I had a little mishap with my item, what should I do?
    A fashion hiccup? No stress! Reach out to us immediately, and we'll guide you through the next steps. Our priority is your seamless style journey, with no interruptions.
  • How do I return my garments with ease?
    Returning your fashion finds is effortless. We'll follow your instructions for collection time and address. Just have your items ready, and we'll handle the rest, making the process smooth and simple.
  • What if I'm fashionably late returning my item?
    No worries! If you're running late, just give us a heads-up. We can rearrange another slot for you, as long as it's on the same day. Your convenience is our priority!
  • Do I need to clean the garments before returning them?
    Leave the cleaning to us! After your fashion escapade, simply return the garments. Our professional team will ensure they are cleaned and cared for, ready for their next outing.
  • What if I miss the scheduled pick-up?
    If you're not available for the scheduled pick-up, just place the items in our reusable packaging outside your door. Our team will handle the collection, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind.
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